Enjoy the atmosphere of a small bakery.

Join us at our lounge or take a seat outside - overlooking the sea.


Choose your breakfast, lunch or a cake from our menu card 


Enjoy the atmosphere and of course our breakfast commandments - there is something for everyone...







We come every Friday to the bakery. In summer, iced coffee and in winter a hot chocolate.


My wife and I were able to date is not yet decided what the best cakes ... 





We usually sit outside and relax from the work week.


The perfect introduction to the weekend...




Nice staff and there is always something to talk.


Therefore, the bakery like it so much because it has a small but calming atmosphere.


After our cake and nice conversations we start the weekend!







 We recommend:


Iced coffee, freshly squeezed juice, a slice of apple cace, a sandwich and finally a country Loaf for the weekend.