Find your Bread



The Crusty Loaf (1000g)


With 51% Rye Sourdough


Very aromatic crusty taste with the typical burst crust.


Perfect with sliced could meat or cheese.






Farmers Vesper  ( 750g )



Our Famers Vesper comes with 20% Rye and a Sourdough.


Inside soft and juicy and the outside is strong backed with an aromatic crust.  


A perfect bread for sandwiches or lunch.












Our Country Loaf (1000g)



 50% Rye and juicy inside.

Its made with natural leaven and has mild, hardly, aromatic taste. 








Carraway Rye



With an aromatic carraway taste the bread is still very lightly.

It goes well with a spread of lightly salted butter or lightly toasted to accompany your favourite soup.






 The Pumpkin Kernel



We back it with mixed wheat and it comes with 48% Rye.

It is a very healthy bread with pumpkin seats in and on the bread.


A savoury, nutty  taste - perfect with jam or sliced meat.




Champion Roll



Wheat roll, all over with oat flakes, sesame, poppy and sunflower kernels.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner - its your choice. 








Multitalented - Multigrain Roll


Savoury roll made of wheat, rye and oat.

Hardly taste with linseed and sesame on top.  

Our Pumpkin Kernel Rolls


Made with pumpkin seeds in and outside the roll.


It has a pleasing nutty taste and it is perfect with jam, sliced cold meat or as a pure quick snack.






Brezel Rolls


We also have our Brezel Rolls every day.

With the Brezel Lauge on top it is a very special taste, sweet light bread.


It goes with every kind of spread.